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Royal Diamond Group success is in direct relation to the commitment, expertise and knowledge that our leadership team brings to its work. Our unsurpassed skills spring from broad experience and a diversity of backgrounds, which means fresh and unique perspective, something that has been the foundation of economic powerhouse in United Arab Emirates.

Royal Diamond Group executive team is composed of motivated and visionary individuals whose unique vision has transformed United Arab Emirates into an economic haven due to their unflinching efforts in over 15 long years.

Under the leadership of Sheikh Khalifa clairvoyant and far sighted vision, Royal Diamond Group has developed an impeccable reputation not just in United Arab Emirates but also oversees. That is why for every international brand that wish to establish a foot hold in UAE’s financial heartbeat, Royal Diamond Group is the name that springs to mind.

Sheikh Khalifa is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall strategic direction, planning, and execution of top-level initiatives. He is a dynamic leader with decades of experience and a natural charisma of confidence which compels foreign investors to move forth and embrace UAE’s rapidly developing economy with open arms.

Royal Diamond Plus

We at Royal Diamond Group are proud of what we have already achieved but also convinced that we still have a lot to do.

We have ambitious plans for the growth of our business. Royal Diamond Group success was built on its close relationship with its partners.
Dolly Tabet, CEO